by Cloak

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released September 25, 2014

Tracked, Mixed and Mastered by Zachary Rippy at Solar Signal in Fountain Hills, AZ

Album Art by John Collier



all rights reserved


Cloak Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Young
I want to forget your every step backwards
I'd shout if I had enough of my
own words

Your guarantees mislead me
Reduce me. Believe me
This is never what I meant
You knew me better in a dream so far away
A noose a hair you left on my fucking bed
My neck is bound and bent to the
Words you expressed in love letters never sent
Swift as gossip and soft as a sketches
Holy motives I can't fathom
The young heart wretches

Running around
searching for
your touch your
scent memory
crudely my
lungs fill black
tar insides
far too much

I can't recognize you in pictures
Still to this day
We were born fractures
Breaking better everyday
You'll never be far removed
I want the hurt to never know
I want to ask you to come back home.
Track Name: Throat Laceration
I'm on my knees
When you're on your heels
Because nothing ever appears how you feel
And I'm quiet to appease the quiver of your lips
Retching, I spit out my teeth
Undone shackles at my feet. You know too well I'm a threat to me. It's not the life for me. It's not a chance to be.

But if we had tongues to speak
We would tell all lies and secrets
You can't keep

I never thought
I would be sucked in.
The sky I painted dark blue in my eyes for this.
It was you who held my heart for ransom and I always hated it.
It was you who held my heart in
The place I never left.
The threat of always coming last.
I'm mortified by the love that swings back.

I know you hate where you're living
And you hate where you're loving
But I hope you find what you seek

I'm on my knees
When you're on your heels
Because nothing ever appears how you feel
And I'm quiet to appease the quiver of your lips
The arms never stretch so wide until they need to quit
Once more I'd wrap my car around a pole before I wrap my mind around your shit. Fuck.
Track Name: Gilded Heart
I see you in everyone and everything.
I tried.
You're right.
I want to crush the loneliness out of my brain. I want to carve a hole in my rib cage. I'm not worth the dirt that I will sink into. Your gilded heart won't ever let me in. I wish the pain you have would cave me in. Your gilded heart decays a shrine to itself.
Track Name: When The Bough Breaks
You've been caught again. The eyes won't follow the unsung song. Struggle to hold on the ledge but the wayward heart was wrong.
Does the bridge break when you set your foot on it? Oh I know you'd love to see me fall but you will never have the pleasure. I truly believe solitude is all yours forever.

Your indebted struggle. It's a handful of treasures even you can't bear. Don't hold it against me if I tell you I refuse to be fooled. All hail to your throne of shit.
The crown awaits

White knuckle grip on your fate. Turn back falling from grace.
The Cradle falls on your deceit. You're better off gone.

Save us
From us
Track Name: Clouds
Would rather stay in my shell. Would rather stay at home. Would rather never have lived. Would rather never come down from the clouds my head is in. I've given up and you can win.
If only time permits my dreams.
Please just lock me in. Please just throw away the key. Please just seal my casket. Pray this is the end I need. Let me just give it all up. I need a release from this skin.
I'm at the start of the end.
Track Name: Widow Womb
I want the end, I'm at my end I'm on the inside. It's your sick hivemind.
It's always worse when you prolong the pain. You spun your web when I claimed you in vain. Holy Ghost, Widow Womb. I'm not shit without you. Out the lips of a liar. Down the throat of a heathen.
Conquered the grave and forgot my name. All I want is just the same.
It's my fault it's my sins.
This heat burns holes in me. I'd die just to make it worse. Death at the door and love at the gates. Can't be for me. It's better off that way. Seasons bloom and I forget you. Nothing was what it was when I was bright eyed and fucked. Second wind. I couldn't hold you like I did. If I live to die, then it's something I can't fight.
It's fine.
I'll just fucking sleep it off.